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Montauk Weekend

Monday, June 13, 2016
 ^ This past weekend was my first time in Montauk! A big group of us stayed at the Montauk Blue Hotel. It's a prime location and right on the beach. ^
 ^ We had dinner Friday night at South Edison. It was walking distance to our hotel which is always a plus. ^
^ My Friday went from margaritas at Salvation Taco, to rose on the train to MTK, to dirty martinis. We ended up at the Sloppy Tuna embracing all sorts of sloppiness. ^
^ On Saturday we laid by the beach until it started raining. Which basically turned into an excuse to grab drinks at The Gig Shack in town. It was also #nationalroseday so obviously we loaded up. Pretty much consuming everything in sight this weekend. ^
^ We went to Ruschmeyer's on Saturday night and I decided I want to move in there. Like, I want to go there every night. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.  Btw - I borrowed my top from Ali. I love the fit. It's a little cropped and looks really cute with high-waisted jeans. Shop it here.^
Surf Lodge Sunday! ^
^ First of all - how gorgeous is the interior of Surf Lodge? Montauk, you just get better and better. ^
^ We did brunch on the back patio right on the water. A picture of my avocado toast, because we all know that if you don't get a picture of your avo toast then you didn't really eat it. ^
^ After brunch we moved over to the beach area, ordered a bottle of rose, and hung out for the rest of the afternoon. Honestly, zero Sunday Scaries. Thank you Montauk! ^