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New York, NY, USA


Sunday, May 15, 2016

It was a beautiful week to be a New Yorker. Major spring vibes in the city. On Tuesday I took clients on a sunset cruise on the Hudson. It was a little bit chilly but the views were so spectacular that nobody cared. Also, we were wearing wine coats. On Thursday the temps were  in the high 70s so a few co-workers and I slipped out of work early and grabbed spots at the bar on Eataly's rooftop. It was just re-done and has a fun beachey feel to it. It was the perfect night to be outside and on a roof.

On Friday I stayed in because it was pouring so Jess and I watched The First Monday in May. So good! I loved it and now I have to see this year's exhibit. Anna Wintour is so fascinating. I wish I could just watch a full documentary on solely her.

Saturday was another beautiful morning. I ran outside and it was glorious. Then we all took an Uber ($100 later - never again) into Brooklyn and had lunch and drinks at Brooklyn Crab. It's a really cool atmosphere complete with games, multiple bars, and a restaurant on the top floor. Rose and fries, cannot complain.

And now we have Sunday. Cat and I had brunch at Esperanto and I've just been laying around reading. Cooking this healthy meal tonight: zucchini pizza casserole. I'm all about zucchinis in everything, including brownies. Hope you have a good week ahead!

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