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Santa Monica, CA, USA

Santa Monica Photo Diary (part 1)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I love you Santa Monica! LOVE!

All this rain last week had me thinking about moving to SM - but thank god the sun is back and New York is feeling warmer these days. So a lil Santa Monica recap for you. First of all I loved this California beach town. We stayed in an Airbnb "bungalow" rental that was walking distance to the beach. You sure get what you pay for on Airbnb! Our place was a little bit janky, but hey, it worked. As long as I could walk to Main Street and the beach I was happy.

The first night we met up with some of Tor's co-workers/industry friends and drove out to Malibu for dinner at Geoffrey's. We stopped at El Matador State Beach first and saw the most gorgeous views of Malibu and the ocean. Ughhhh love. Dinner was also amazing. The four of us sat outside under heat lamps and ate the most delicious meal. Even spotted Jeremy Piven. I must vacation in extremes when you consider this night in Malibu vs. the bungalow that I was staying at in SM! HA.

The next morning in Santa Monica we rented bike shares which is essentially just like CitiBike in NYC. Except this is so much better because you're on the beach and there's no concern about getting hit by a cabbie. We rode bikes for over 5 miles until stores and restaurants started to open. More photos from the rest of the week to come!

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