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New York, NY, USA

Wine + Cheese + Weekend

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Is that a beautiful cheese plate or what? Thank you Steph and Molly! After giving up cheese for lent Steph hosted a little wine and cheese get together. The ricotta + honey crostini was my jam. 

Apologies for my poor quality iPhone photos. I usually do a better job. Pictured top left: pairing my Stan Smiths with a skirt is my now go to outfit. I also bought that Anthropologie quilt I was eyeing a few weeks ago! I love that you can reverse the sides. 

So this Wednesday I begin my 7 day slim down in prep for California! I will blog about how it goes and whether or not I see results - so stay tuned. In preparation for it I was trying to eat as healthy as possible this week. These veggie tacos and the PB2 smoothie bowl (recipe inspiration is here) have been helping me get back on the clean eating train. 

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I'm binging Shameless and drinking red wine. #sundaymood