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March Vibes

Monday, March 7, 2016
^ Spring is around the corner, so yeah I bought fresh flowers. And then they died 3 hours later. I'm hopeless. ^
^ Every month I meet with #DinnerClub and we grab dinner/drinks somewhere new. Friday's took place at Westville Hudson. Btw - seriously recommend you start your own Dinner Club. It's a great excuse to go out to dinner with people you might not see on the reg. ^
^ On Saturday Marty and Jess invited me to his aunt's MSG suite to watch the Providence game...! Open bar, open food, court side seats. I can dabble in sports with treatment like this. ^
^ What a Sunday treat! Paige and Reel were in the city briefly so we all grabbed brunch at Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria. ^
^ The food was really good but just a warning that much of the menu is written in Italian and Paige was served a rather large portion of pork chop on top of her egg sandwich. Non buono. ^
^ Post brunch I walked around the city a bit and then was feeling domestic so I set out to bake. ^
^ And that is indeed a pan of dark chocolate zucchini brownies. No added sugar. Adapted this recipe from The Skinny Confidential. Cause I love her. ^

The temperature this week is looking exceptionally spring-like. Sunny and high 60's, hello! For the first time in weeks I don't have a crazy schedule lined up. Hopefully getting back into my morning workout routine and beating this cold that I feel coming on. Other than that I'm getting super excited for my trip to California in April and just trying to make it through March!

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