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Three Things Right Now

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1. The morning of #StormJonas I decided to sign up for a Y7 yoga class and trekked through the blizzard to the Soho studio. I'm SO glad I got my ass out and into the snow that day because I am HOOKED. I took their hip hop Vinyasa flow class last night and while I'm definitely an amateur I love it.

2. I got a few questions about Essential Oil's after Sunday's post. I seriously encourage you to try them! Even if you don't want to buy the diffuser (with the diffuser you just fill it with water, put a few drops of oil in, and let it steam out) you can put a few dabs of oil on your neck or on your wrists and they seriously have magical powers! Whether you want to feel calm, energized, awake... there are oils for everyone!

3. I realized a few days too late that my snow boots were at my house in NJ. Fail. I only had my Hunter rain boots to wear but they still kept my feet completely dry despite the insane weather and many feet of snow. I found some on sale here ($90 from $150) and you should def buy if you don't own a pair yet!