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On Sale Right Now!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

1. Velvet Jumpsuit -- Always a sucker for a jumpsuit and this is under $100. 

2. SUPER Tortoise Sunglasses - SUPER sunglasses on sale??? I love mine. Worth the money!

3. Cropped Velvet Top -- I love this top and the fact that it's cropped, velvet, and off the shoulder. Only $45!

4. Faux Fur Coat -- Oooh I love this. Faux (colored) fur all the way this winter.

5. Fringe Cardigan -- Been stalking this all season and it's finally on sale and 50% off!

6. Grey Sweater -- Never purchase Madewell full price because everything is so quickly moved to sale. This is now 30% off!

7. Ripped Denim -- These ripped jeans are only $44! You cannot beat that. I love crazy ripped denim.

8. Knit Striped Dress -- Marked down to $39! Looks so comfy, too.