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Beating Sunday Scaries

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy post-Jonas Sunday! How are you feeling? The 10+ empty bottles of wine in my kitchen are hurting my head right. I'm trying to fight off the inevitable Sunday Scaries and have a few best practices to share with ya. The first one is this new face mask I just bought appropriately called What Happened Last Night. Haha - the name alone made me want to try it. It's the most hydrating mask and brings me back to life on Sunday morning. With a little help from the face mask I feel like I can start Sunday as a whole new person. Post face mask I put Kiehl's creamy avocado eye cream on (it's so smooth and feels lovely) and bam I'm ALIVE.

Sunday mornings I also make sure to use my diffuser and diffuse with essential oils. If you haven't been introduced to the magical powers of essential oils then you're missing out. I own the Young Living diffuser and love to diffuse with my Peace & Calming oil on Sundays. If you're curious on essential oils and what they're all about check out this guide. Also my fav health/fitness blogger Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential is a big believer in them and I love her views on all things health/wellness.

So face mask and oils to start your Sunday. I also drink a mug of hot water with lemon before eating or drinking anything else. I feel like it reboots me. While drinking my lemon water I'll either read (currently Harry Potter) or watch a documentary on Netflix. Good vibes. Good Sunday vibes.


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