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Hello, It's Me December

Sunday, December 6, 2015
^ Wine Club is one of my favorite nights of each month. Club W makes it happen. ^
^ We pick a night that we're all free and one of us will cook dinner while the rest of us make appetizers. Typically involving cheese. (Usually only involving cheese). ^
^ Obviously I made my warm honey gorgonzola fig dip. Obviously. Cherilyn graced us with baked brie. That cheese is oozing and the dough is undercooked. Heaven on a plate. ^
^ Two of our wine choices. Copycat was our favorite. Riddle Bricks was super peppery! But the label is cool. Not pictured: Blue High Way. ^
^ Friday I met Zach for a tour of the new Whitney Museum. Super odd/modern art but it's fun to go and learn about each piece. ^
^ Art. ^

^ This was one of my favorite pieces. Photographs of smoke rings. Wish I could own this collection! ^
^ Afterwards we stopped in Tortilla Flats. I had never been... why!? The music was great, the margaritas spicy, and the nachos were in lasagna form. Picture a lasagna, with chips beneath it. Yup. ^

^ After a long-ass day of Christmas shopping in Chelsea Market (on a Saturday. Why?), Ali and I grabbed drinks. First at Boilermaker to check out their popup Christmas bar, and then Tom & Jerry's. We took cabs to both. Lol. ^

^ Aaah the best part of my day. I'm re-reading Harry Potter and am loooooving it. So good. On book 3: The Prisoner of Azkaban. I <3 Hogwarts. ^