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Oh November!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
^ Favorite place for drinks: Dirty French!

Can you believe it's November 3rd!? Ah ah ah. Me neither!

October came, waved hello, and left. Halloween was much fun as I dressed up as Justin Bieber (#whatdoyoumean) for my office and as a dolphin trainer on Halloween night. Love Halloween. I also ate so much candy that I now am addicted to sugar just like the movie Fed Up told me I would be.

So now it's November and Jess and I are hosting Friendsgiving for 20 of our friends in about two weeks. I love holiday decorations and can't wait to go all out for this Friendsgiving feast. Christmas will be no exception as we will definitely be purchasing a tree and lights and stockings.

Other things going on... I'm re-reading Harry Potter, obsessed with The Affair, and trying to get back into Homeland. I'm so pumped for the morning classes my gym now offers every weekday morning - especially the sun salutations yoga I took this morning. Namaste.

Sometimes work gets so busy (which is always a good thing) and it's hard to come home and write. But I miss this blog so I am tryna get back on it!

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