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Restaurant: Seamore's

Monday, September 14, 2015
"I just can't stop thinking about Seamores" - Steph Farnham.

I love a delicious Sunday night dinner with girlfriends. Sunday scaries are a real thing and nothing eases them more than having a really good dinner to look forward to Sunday night. A few Scaries ago Kristen, Tor,  Steph, and I had dinner at Seamores, a new restaurant in Nolita. It's known for its seafood, but for someone who doesn't dabble in seafood much, I still maintain it's worth a visit.

First of all everyone who was dining at Seamores was beautiful - including my hot friends ;) I opted against their famous fish tacos (re: doesn't dabble in seafood) and ordered the arugula salad. How boring of me? No, this salad was incredible. Dates, hazelnuts, and snap peas over arugula lettuce drizzled with a tahini dressing. I couldn't even finish it. For the table we shared guac + chips and I hate to admit it but Seamore's gauc is better than most Mexican restaurants.

Also highly suggest you order the ice-cream of the day and don't make the mistake my group did and order it to share. Get ya own.

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