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Wedding Bells in Cleveland

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
^ Bride and Groom! ^
^ Mrs. Pelagalli looking gorgeous and Mr. showing off that bling bling. ^ 
^ The ladies of Dubois Not Books, our house at Miami! ^
^ Reception shots at Windows on the River. ^
^ Post Wedding wine-tasting in Cleveland. ^
 ^ Who knew the CLE had vineyards? Not I! ^
^ A few wine-o's sippin'. ^
 ^ Love you chicks. ^

This past weekend we celebrated Rachael and Mike's wedding in Cleveland. It was amazing! We stayed at the Marriott in downtown Cleveland and I finally got to see so many of my friends from school that I'd been apart from for so long. The reception was right on the water and, despite a few clouds, the weather was perfect. It was essentially a school reunion for us. It's hard to live so far apart from my college housemates so this weekend was a treat. 

After the wedding on Friday we drove into the suburbs of Cleveland and went wine-tasting with Tor's family. The vineyards were all gorgeous. We drank wine all day until we went home, showered, and Tor, Ash, and I met back up with all our friends in downtown Cleveland. 

Missing you all right now! And congratulations Mike and Rach - love you guys!

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