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Summer Vacation in Squan!

Monday, August 24, 2015
^ This is basically all we did: eat, drink, beach, be merry. ^
^ What's a Tuesday night if you don't stop by Leggetts? ^
^ Being dinner guests in Spring Lake. More clams! And I don't even really like clams! ^

^ More dinners with a view. ^
^ Cause you know what they say, life's a beach. ^
 ^ You can't kickoff Parker House without a dirty martini. ^
^ We're really good at making a spread, eating the spread, and laying on the beach.  ^

Last Tuesday began my much needed vacation down the shore in Manasquan. A group of us all took off and spent the week at our shore house in Squan. The weather was perfect and we spent everyday on the beach. Thanks to the (many) trips to Acme,  Steph packed the cooler every morning for each of us and we'd stay for hours bronzin' ourselves and listening to this song on my jammy-pack

Post-beach afternoons were spent either cooking together with bottles of wine in hand, or trying out restaurants around the area. My diet will be lasting until Halloween, tbh. Shore towns are quieter during the weekdays but I'm pretty sure the house of 440 Brielle Road shook Manasquan awake last week.

See ya on Friday, Squan! Two weekends left... :(

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