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Restaurant: Wild

Thursday, August 27, 2015

On Tuesday I had the chance to try the [mainly] gluten-free Italian restaurant Wild. There's two locations but we tried out the one on Hudson St. I love pizza, it's my main jam. I typically stick to places like Keste for my pizza fix but was willing to try Wild since the pictures on the website look pretty amazing. We got there in time for happy hour and ordered a pitcher of the red sangria. We then ordered the burrata (pictured above), and two different bruschettas: prosciutto and original (both pictured). Eating gluten-free bread is so interesting! It melts in your mouth.

For the main dish we of course ordered three pizzas: Four Cheese, Skinny Bitch, and Spicy Prosciutto. What a hypocrite am I ordering a Skinny Bitch pizza along with a Four Cheese? #balance. What I loved about Wild was that I didn't feel extremely stuffed after dinner. The portions are small and the pizza much more resembles a flatbread. I'm still sticking to Keste for my pizza fix but Wild is my choice for "let's share a bunch of plates."

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