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Weekend > 4 Days in Squan

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
^ Saturday was a full blown celebration for Paige's birthday. First stop on the party bus bar crawl was Tiki Bar. Bar + beach. ^
^ Beers outside, a boardwalk, games, and celebrating Paige's birthday! ^
^ I'd go to Point Pleasant everyday. See ya later Parker House. ^
^ Since I was WFH Monday, we extended our stay in Squan. Nice lil walk to dinner Sunday night. ^
^ Dinner was at The River House. Great way to beat Sunday scaries let me tell ya. ^
^ Dinner outside on the water is my forever mood. ^
^ And here we have Monday. While I was working at my shore house, we still were able to make it to beach for some lunch before the rain came in. ^

I was in Manasquan Friday - Monday this past weekend. It wasn't technically a true four day weekend because I was working (remotely) on Friday and Monday, but being down the shore always feels like a sort of vacation. I am in need of some serious sleep, a detox, and the gym now...HA.