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A Very Happy 26th!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
I turned 26 on Monday but have honestly been celebrating since Thursday. I spent the days leading up to my birthday with so many close friends and so many festivities. The night of my birthday we celebrated at an amazing dinner and I couldn't have asked for a better night. Birthday moments below...
^ Tor baked me a Dukaroo birthday cake! Complete with homemade icing. Delicious. ^
^ Friday night we saw Taylor Swift at Met Life! OHMYGOD it was so much fun! ^
^ So many smiles for TayTay. So much love. ^
^ We asked two pre-teen girls to take our picture. No shame. Love ya gals. ^
^ Haaaay from the nose bleeds! Taylor Swift was just unreal. ^
^ After a quick weekend down the shore, I spent Sunday in Hoboken where we did another pre-birthday dinner at Robongi Sushi. BYOB on a Sunday. Dangerous. ^
^ The real birthday came on Monday... and so did my best Grace! She surprised me for drinks at The Standard. Love you! ^
^ Post drinks we did dinner at Vic's in the East Village. ^
^ Cacio and pepe, burrata. So so so good. ^
^ A mix of best friends, from high school and college alike. Xo. ^

Thank you friends for giving me the most amazing birthday! Kicking it off with dinner at Numero 28 was the perfect start. I mean you can't go wrong with BYOB wine and truffle pizza, ya know? Next up was T. Swift where I died of happiness. Saturday followed with Manasquan, the beach, and Parker House. Then I love how we continued the party into Hoboken on Sunday, which included fireball shots at dinner (uhhh...). My actual birthday was so special with drinks and dinner, and allllll the amazing cards. I love cards.  And l love you my dear friends!

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  1. That cake! SO amazing!

    So jealous that you went to the Tswift concert (no shame here). I wish I was going this weekend in Chi!