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East Village: Tour de Taco!

Monday, May 4, 2015
A food tour for the taco loving, margarita drinking, guacamole splurging New Yorker . Welcome to our East Village Tour de Taco!
^ We started the tour at Taqueria Diana - a small hole-in-the wall restaurant right on 2nd Avenue. ^
^ I ordered chicken tacos with cheese and they were fantastic! Spoiler alert: Taqueria Diana was my favorite stop. ^
^ Yep we wore these shirts on our tour. Very fitting! ^
^ Next stop was Five Tacos on St. Mark's ^
^ It's so cute inside and we had a chance to sit at a table together and begin "scoring" the restaurants ^
^ I ordered the pulled pork tacos and although they came on a flour tortilla (I prefer corn) they were still delicious. The homemade sauces sold it for me. ^
^ Chattin', laughin', eatin'. ^
^ Pulled pork tacos topped with spicy chipotle mayo. Can't beat it ^
^ Next up: Taqueria! I only had a bite of a taco here but I did order a margarita to keep the theme going strong. The marghs were excellent, but I wasn't super impressed with the taco. ^
^ Back on 2nd Ave we stopped at Otto's Tacos. Our group ordered a taco off the secret menu so I couldn't even tell you what it was. The shell had an almost sweet taste to it, but mixed with the steak and white sauce, it was a winning combo. ^
^ Our (unfortunately) final stop! Tacombi in Nolita! 
^ Left: crispy fish tacos, Right: beets/veggie tacos with a side of corn (the corn was topped with cheese & a spicy sauce. Game changer). ^
^ More pulled pork tacos, because I couldn't get enough all day. ^
^ Taco connoisseurs, at your service. ^
It's no secret I am a foodie - so this taco tour was right up my alley. Victoria arranged the whole thing, from a custom taco tour map to scorecards that had us rank everything from "Meat Tenderness" to "Mexican Authenticity". Things got serious. 

All the places we stopped were so good in their own way. My overall favorite was Diana Tacqueria. Their boxed to-go taco is so fresh and delicious. I also loved Five Tacos. Their tacos are much more filling but a little less "authentic". The best atmosphere was Tacombi with its very laid back California vibe. 

Tour de Taco was a major success and it's got me craving guac all over again. 


  1. WHAT! This is absolutely the best thing ever.

  2. This is AMAZING. Why are your friends so cool & why haven't I ever thought to do this? Everything looked delicious. xx