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Weekend > Sunny & 75

Sunday, April 19, 2015
And the city is alive! This was the first really warm weekend of the year and suddenly everyone is out of hibernation and ready for day drinks, outdoor seating, and dresses!
^ On Friday we had a few glasses of wine while sitting outside at Bar Boulud on the UWS ^
^ It was Zach's birthday (!) so him, Tor, and I celebrated with a late dinner at Jacob's Pickles ^
^ Good friends, fried food, and excellent cocktails. Complete with outdoor seating ^
^ Shots from Washington Square Park, to Central Park, to back down in Soho at Two Hands^

I think it's safe to say that spring is in full swing here in the city. I want to spend every moment outside and am already having that guilty feeling when I'm indoors! Fomo from the sun is real. This was a weekend for my foodie self from dinner at the infamous Jacob's Pickles, a bacon wrapped egg sandwich from Two Hands, and the start of brunch outdoors at The Upsider, I think I need to take a serious break from eating out. Until next weekend....

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  1. aw zach looking so prec trying to decode the card