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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ceramic Sitting Pot // Wacamoleceramic, $43
Geometric Printed Pouch // Coriumi, $56
Hand Painted Dipping Plates (set of 4) // Red Raven Studios, $46
Pocket Notebook in Spring Floral (set of 3) // Oh No Rachio, $23

Four of my favorite items to shop on Etsy right now! 

I want multiple "sitting" planters for my apartment. How cute would those be spread throughout our various windowsills? I think that clutch is so cute and love that no one else would have it (because you bought it off Etsy, duh!). The dipping plates would give a little personality to your dining table, or could hold jewelry. And I always keep a small notebook with me - these floral ones are presh. 

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  1. omg love that pot with the cactus ... he's so cute!!