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Sunday, March 15, 2015

We all know that brunch is basically my favorite hobby. Yep, hobby. Clearly I need to buy a museum pass or something. Yesterday I had Tor and Sam come over to cook a healthy and filling brunch before heading out for a day of drinking. From home juiced OJ to my favorite paleo pancakes, it was health focused, but still so yummmmmmmy. I could eat breakfast for every meal. Here's what we cooked:

Avocado Toast > whole grain bread topped with mashed avocado + lemon, topped with red chili pepper flakes
Banana Pancakes > 4 eggs + 4 mashed bananas cooked in coconut oil and topped with blueberries and honey
Scrambled Eggs > add cheese if you feel like being wild and crazy and indulgent
Homemade OJ > peeled a bunch of oranges and juiced them myself with my Breville juicer. Mix with Veuve ;)

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