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Monday, March 16, 2015
Culottes, $55 // Jumpsuit, $65 // Chambray Shirt, $35 // Grid Tunic, $28 // Boyfriend Duster, $58

Yesterday I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram while simultaneously watching Bridesmaids and drinking red wine, (a great Sunday) and I came across the new label Sophi. offers all the wardrobe staples for such an affordable price. All the clothes are simple and classic and everything is pretty much under $100! They offer stylish and SOPHIsticated (get it? LOL - their pun, not mine) clothing for the working woman. My job is very casual when it comes to dress code, but that doesn't mean I schlep on leggings and an oversized sweater everyday. I still like to look good when I head to work and can easily see myself wearing any of these items. I think my favorite is that boyfriend duster

Oh, and the the label has an insightful blog, too!


  1. Hi Kelsey! Thank you for this fabulous post! We just launched last month and are amazed by all the love we have been receiving. Also - Bridesmaids and red wine on a Sunday night sounds PERFECT. Great blog! Love, Natalie

  2. yay i've never heard of this brand & love it, so good - thanks for sharing. xx!