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Casual Friday [vol. 17]

Friday, February 20, 2015


You know why I'm so happy it's Friday? Because my juice cleanse is over! I can't wait to eat breakfast, drink coffee (!!!), sip some wiiiine. I'll tell my feelings on my juice cleanse later, but right now less chatting, more mindless link browsing:

> Just finished reading Paper Towns. Next up: The Girl On The Train.

> Excited for this exhibit at the MET!

> Looooove Chvrches. This is such a good cover.

> Also loooooove Gray Malin's new series and Domaine's behind the scenes of it.

> She's the coolest twelve year old.

> Fashion can be so weird sometimes.


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  1. I wanna hear about this juice cleanse! I've been thinking about doing one but I have this problem and that's i'm addicted to coffee. if i don't have it, i get the WORST caffeine headaches. Yikes. Excited to hear about it though because i'm seriously considering it!