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Casual Friday [vol. 15]

Friday, February 6, 2015

I was sick all week = no posting. Still feeling a little groggy but I have lots of fun links that can express all my thoughts for me!

> SO SO SO excited for this "sequal".

> Most likely my soon to be favorite restaurant. Love a #BEC

> Ali, I love your one year recap.

> So pumped for this performance! GRAMMY's.

> Two documentaries I just watched/you should too: Exit Through the Gift Shop and Inside Guantanamo. Both a little on the older side but worth a watch nonetheless!

> Also downloaded this book to my Kindle but kinda want to buy the hardcopy edition as well! Read it one sitting - so quick with amazing life tips. #livewell

> I want these and why are they SOLD OUT.

Very good.


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