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Two Weeks in 2015!

Monday, January 12, 2015

We are almost half through January - how crazy is that? I mean... crazy.

It just started to get freezing, so that's been unpleasant. Although I love when it snows in the city so if it's going to be cold, by all means Mother Nature bring on the snow! I love it. 
I chopped off my hair Saturday morning and am loving it. I have to figure out how to really style and "do" my hair but I feel like new year, new hair. It all felt right. That appetizer on the stove is a yummy fig/ricotta/pancetta crostini. And wine, obviouslyyy. On a rainy Saturday night I'd like all the apps and all the wine.
Did you eat some pulled pork on New Year's day? It brings good luck! I ate, and ate, and ate so much pulled pork for dinner NYD. Along with some black beans, sweet potatoes, bread pudding... Ugh. I also hung my favorite Christmas present of all: my Gray Malin print. Bringing some adventure to my walls! 

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  1. So cute!! Sounds like your 2015 is treating you well :)