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Three Meals with Blue Apron

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Back in December my co-worker gave me a free trial to Blue Apron. Right before New Year's I got an email alerting me that my free trial was about to expire and so here I am testing Blue Apron for you!  I want to cook more in the New Year (I guess it's a resolution) and I figure Blue Apron was the best way to kick start it! They deliver, to your DOORSTEP, all the ingredients you need for the meals (pre-measured out and labeled). Gotta love that ease.
The first meal I made was a Brussels Sprouts and Freekah Salad . I got home from work at a decent hour and was hungry & ready to cook! To make this salad you better be ready to chop, peel, slice, dice, etc. The prep work was a bit intense, not gonna lie. My counter was a disaster of vegetable remnants and I seriously had 3 different pots on the stove burning to create this divine salad. I mean I'm not against a little vegetable chopping but this felt more like prep work for an intense dinner party. The end result, though, was delicious. I didn't even know what freekah was... so to make it in a salad and have it actually taste good was very rewarding! I also got 3 different meals out of this. Blue Apron claims their meals serve 2 each, but the calories are steep and if it's just me eating it (#single) I might as well split it up between days!
The second meal was Beef Bolognese. This went a bit smoother because I cleaned and chopped all the ingredients before heating the pan of olive oil. I did start to boil the water for the pasta mid-chopping session and when it started boiling and I was nowhere near ready to put the pasta in I got a bit panicky. Does that happen to anyone else? You're still mid food prep and all your pots and pans are boiling and the water is about to overflow and you just want to be like PAUSE. HOLD THE HEAT. Yeah me, too. Anyway, the pasta turned out delicious. I'm really proud of myself for cooking beef. That doesn't happen. Ever.
And the third Blue Apron meal was the Pulled Chicken Tacos + Jicama Salad. This was the easiest meal to make (only had to really use one pot, #lazy) and probably my favorite. I LOVE pulled chicken, LOVE tacos, LOVE avocado. The sauce was spicy and had a good jam of flavor. I even enjoyed the jicama salad. Never in a million years would I have bought jicama (because honestly I didn't know what it was until two days ago) and cut it up, drizzle it with olive oil, and call it a salad. But in the words of Gina Rodriguez, "I can and I did."

Overall, Blue Apron was a really good experience. I cooked with a multitude of different foods that I never usually prepare. I tried new dishes and I forced myself into the kitchen. That being said, I'd probably never do Blue Apron again just because it is way too much food for one person and it's also very caloric.

At least I can now identify frekah and jicama, make a salad without lettuce, and most importantly, PULL chicken.

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