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Power of Social - Jana Bek Design

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I love learning about the backgrounds of brands. I had seen these lamps for sale on some favorite online boutiques (Design DarlingSociety Social) and have noticed them popping up a bunch on on Pinterest, too. The Everygirl recently spotlighted the creator of these brushstroke lamps, Jana Bek. Jana first made a brushstrock lamp three years ago when she was trying to replicate a vintage lamp she found. After sharing it on social media, her product took over! One of the most interesting points of the The Everygirl feature discussed the role that social media has played in Jana's success. She says some of her strongest relationships with clients formed through "meeting" them on Instagram! This has to led to 90% of Jana's business being E-Design.  The power of social! I'm always fascinated by how much social media can impact one's brand (whether it's personal or professional). In this case, it's basically running her business. Very cool. #socialnerd

Images via The Everygirl