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Casual Friday [vol. 14]

Friday, January 30, 2015

Helloooooo Friday. You've taken forever to arrive thanks to a Tuesday snow day that left my week completely thrown off. Side note - that snowfall was pathetic. But I know we all agree so, moving on. My week was pretty calm and I'm looking forward to yoga on both Saturday + Sunday, an ice-skating themed birthday party (tbt! Love it), and the Superbowl where I'll be watching (the commercials) at Hudson Common. I can't wait to drink lots of beer and eat lots of fried food and move straight into my 3 day juice cleanse! More on that later. 

And now....LINKS!

> My new favorite site.

> Also, new favorite tumblr.

> All the facts summed up about eye cream.

> Love this Boston condo.

The next party I'm having. Want to come?



  1. cool i see mini hotdogs ill go to your party

  2. Looks like eye cream is on both of our minds lately! We're supposedly getting a snowstorm praying that its just as pathetic as yours bbutttt work also gets cancelled ;)

    xo, Jen