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Casual Friday [vol. 13]

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ahhh...well wasn't this just the slowest week ever!? I'm not even sure why it was slow but IT WAS. I had dinner at Keste last night for a little Florence remembrance night. Can't believe I studied abroad 4 years ago. Still sentimental over that. Last Sunday when I was hibernating in my bed I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. I recommend! It's a little odd but I enjoyed it. I also started Paper Towns for #bookclub and am already flying through it. I love John Greene. If you ever need a book to read please choose Looking For Alaska by Mr. Greene. So good. Love me some YA books. And now the best part of FRIIIIDAY. Links for browsing! Click below for what I'm reading/doing:

> Spiced almond milk > tea. Made it this week. I swear.

> Nothing has topped Serial for me yet... but I'm trying. A list of podcasts to listen to.

> Easy meals to make for one (#single)

The KonMari method to cleaning out your closet: "this makes me happy, this does not"

> Nevermind the GG's, the Oscar's... 22 Sundance Film Festival movies you need to see.


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