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Casual Friday [vol. 12]

Friday, January 16, 2015

I hope this week went faster than last for you all! I think it definitely did for me. A few workout classes, busy workdays, and happy hours made this week go significantly faster. For many of you this is a long weekend - live it up! My office is open Monday but you will still find me sipping many mimosas at brunch on Saturday at Garage. Sunday is dedicated to an early yogilates class and maybe even a museum. Look at me planning for productivity on Sunday. We shall see, we shall see. In the meantime, enjoy the below:

Doing this to my hair next.

> If the CEO of Levi's hasn't washed his jean's in a year, then why should I?

> To my most lazy friends: how to outsource your life via app

> Apparently, all you have to do to fall in love (ya right.)

Let's get drinks! ...or not. And the equally amazing Man Repeller response. It's all so true and I have been equally as guilty. Trying to be better!!!


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