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Move Over Tights...

Sunday, December 14, 2014
So personally - I love the knee sock trend. I wore knee socks out on Friday night and was [lovingly] made fun of by some, and complimented by others. I think it's an underrated trend right now and I thoroughly enjoyed mixing my skirt game up with some black knee socks rather than the usual tights. Also, if Blair does it - it's cool, right?

Side note - I met Blair of Atlantic-Pacific last Thursday at an event she hosted at Joe Fresh. She is so insanely sweet in person and so personable. I always think it's funny to meet bloggers in real life. Every blogger that I've meet while living in New York (including Mackenzie, Carly, Jess, and Julia) has been a positive experience. I could be friends with all of them so I find it slightly less creepy/weird/obsessive when I read their blogs everyday - ha!

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  1. Love Blair from Atlantic Pacific! If it wasn't so cold in Chicago I'd embrace this trend too. I'm settling for my OTK boots instead ;)

    xo, Jen