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Christmas in the City

Sunday, December 21, 2014
^ Treated myself to Oatmeals + the Serial finale last week ^
^ Began Saturday with the final bottomless brunch (bottomless pizza) of 2014 at Carroll Place ^
^ What a good looking group. And Tartuffo how amazing. ^
 ^ After brunch we moved onto the pop up Christmas bar, Miracle on 9th St. ^
^ I'm drinking a Redneck Flip which includes: bourbon, bonded applejack (wtf?), marshmallow-and-Budweiser syrup (what?), spiced beef jerky bitters (wait..), 1 whole egg (omg wait), nutmeg (oh that's festive) --- no wonder I have stomachache!!!
^ Ended Sunday at Laduree after shopping in Soho. Also loving my Secret Santa gift of midi rings & a wool scarf! Tis the season! ^

How is this the last weekend until Christmas!? December has flown and I still need to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas (the best)! As I type this I'm watching The Grinch but really just trying to kill time until the finales of Homeland and The Affair... so addicted. I finally have all my Christmas shopping done and am very excited to head home for the holidays.

Ugh - best part of The Grinch is on... "maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more" and a sobbing Jim Carey. 

Have a good Monday everyone! xx

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