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Casual Friday [vol. 12]

Friday, December 19, 2014

I seriously slack when it comes to the cas' friday posts but when I do have time to write them they're kinda my favorite. This week went pretty quick with double gym sessions on Monday (uhh Hi I'm basically the cookie monster and need to glue myself to a treadmill), the Upstart Awards on Tuesday, and just getting ready for Christmas, etc! I am heading home to Basking Ridge early next week and I luckily get to work from home until the New Year. Can't wait to relax with some good wine, Netflix, and my big ol' couch. Oh the little things in life. Also, some things you should click:

> The final episode of Serial - as told by Funny Or Die. Dead. Also: this.

> I liked this quick list on  how to become the most compelling person you know.

> If you need a show to watch I have one. And it's called The Affair.

> Sunday night I baked these and they turned out 100% RAW. Godddddddddd.

> If there was one foodie blog post I need in my life, it's this: how to make a killer cheese plate (plus 3 mini cheese balls).

> One of our writers at Bustle asked editors from around the world to make her beautiful for their country's standards and this is what happened.

> Brunching tomorrow at Carroll Place! I found it recently added in my Notes > Restaurants section on my phone. I have no idea who gave me this rec. If it was you let me know!!! My memory fails me at times like this.


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