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Halloween in New York City

Saturday, November 1, 2014
^ Festive in the West Village ^
^ Elliana the Goth. (She bought this dress for real life, btw) ^
^ Seriously disturbing mask (at the Rocket Fuel Halloween party) ^
^ Get itttt?
^ Bartenders in character (Rocket Fuel Halloween) ^
^ Phone homeeee ^
Ummm cannot believe it's November already! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Halloween began for me on Wednesday with an office costume party followed by the RocketFuel Halloween party at the McKittrick Hotel. The Sleep No More cast put on a show for the entire event. Think half naked bodies, fake blood, theatrics... plus an open bar and DJ. Great kickoff to Halloween. Wednesday's antics led to a calm night Thursday and Friday night got back into the festivities with Jess, Tor and Elliana. A couple Emojis, a goth named Astrid, and of course E.T. We may have played "spooky tunes" on Spotify while sitting in a circle on the ground and telling ghost stories. Maybe we are that cool. 

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