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Casual Friday > I Have Internet! [vol. 11]

Friday, November 14, 2014

One month after moving and we finally have internet! I can't even believe that we've gone a month without cable or wifi. Lots of burning through our data, dvd watching, apartment organizing, and hanging out sans Internatz. At the end of the day I guess it wasn't so bad. It's kind of nice to hang out with your friends, drinking wine, listening to music and not being distracted by all internet aspects. Kinda nice for a couple days... a month was pushing it. So back to the norm with Time Warner, yippee! Some lovely clickable links for you on this November morning...

> This weekend: excited for dinner at Asellina tonight and Sleep No More tomorrow! Alsooo have Kara visiting and we're trying out Sweet Chick. Doing what I do best and eating my way through Friday - Sunday.

> Gray Malin's home project chronicled (thanks Steph for sharing xx). I think I'm putting a piece of his art on my Christmas list. Side note, Christmas list what!? Creeping up on us.

> First week of my new job done!

6 barre-inspired moves. I need to do these, times 10.

> I've been loving Craigslist as my go to for apartment decorating. We're picking up a bench and hopefully kitchen chairs this weekend. All for under $100. Budget budget.

> Addicted to Serial. Ahhhh!


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