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THE HUNT or Bust

Sunday, October 19, 2014
^ Pre-Hunt photo shoots ^
^ I just like love us ^
^ Not for those opposed to crowds ^
^ Customized cups with our spot number ^
^ Mimosas in the am ^
^ Sunsets ^
^ Best friends ^
^ Couldn't resist a classic pumpkin pic at Wightmans Farms on Sunday ^

The best event of Fall was this Saturday: The Hunt in Far Hills. It's quite the event out here and everyone shows up in their best plaids and Frye boots - outfits that have been planned out for days. Our plot was with our best friends from our shore house (obviously) so it was kind of like a big Manasquan reunion, except in a giant field rather than at Parker House. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and blue skies. I drank champagne from morning to night and continued the party back in Ridge with Tor and Dan and multiple bottles of wine. Sort of crazy that the next time I think I'll be home in Basking Ridge will be Thanksgiving! 

Wave off the Sunday scaries with some Homeland tonight and have an amazin' Monday!