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Lately: Bits of Fall

Sunday, October 5, 2014
- Dinner parties and Mexican dates with my favorites -
- Lunch at ABC Kitchen and one last happy hour at our first apartment - 
- Weekends at home [insert: all the wine, all the food] -

Since my apartment is still being built [we have appliances, floors, walls...we just need a bathroom!], I've been living at home this past week. While I hate commuting on a bus for an hour, it's been relaxing and actually a nice mini vacay from the city. Sooo ready to be back living in the East Village though...

Before I moved home last week, my friends and I cooked all the food in our apartment and had a delicious Italian dinner (compliments of Cher) and then drank bottles (many) of wine in our "backyard". Management finished the back area just when we are moving out - claaaassic. We also went to a dinner party on the UES the night before. Do you see that view? I feel grown up going to a dinner party, just sayin'.

Can't forget happy hour at Diablo Royale with two of my favorites, Dan and Tor. Spent the whole day with these two: lunch at Serafina, stocking up at Sockerbit, and drinking red wine while watching Lovelace at Dan's (Btw really recommend even though I read the full story on Wikipedia mid-movie through).  On that note I'm ready to be back living in the city. Missing my home.

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  1. great post, great post. all that's missing is the vueve risotto