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Casual Friday [vol. 8]

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hello FRI-DAY.

Haven't written a Casual Friday post in forever. This week - despite being a short one - felt so long. I was sick on Wednesday (totally still recovering from the weekend/the entire summer) and have been feeling a little crazed. I am actually kind of happy I don't have to sprint to Penn Station to catch the 5:25 down to Squan tonight...

Some random things:

> My eyes have been so bloodshot from my contacts that I end up wearing my glasses almost everyday at work. Therefore, I want a new pair. Have you shopped Warby Parker's new fall collection? Obvi I want the Durand or Baxter Ti [tortoise].

> Song of the summer. Time to read this now.

> Love this bucket bag for fall.

> Seriously can't wait to buy Seriously Delish. Seriously love Jessica.

> "To be relevant, you have to be an outsider" - Joan Rivers, amen sista.

image - The Coveteur


  1. <3 that song. tbt

    are those bucket bags for work? or more brunch bags? need help with fall style

  2. Love that bucket bag, I have the Old Navy bucket bag and it hasn't left my side all summer.