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#GirlCrush: Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches

Monday, May 5, 2014
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Friday morning I learned at the very last minute that Chvrches was playing at Terminal 5.  I LOVE Chvrches. I frantically logged on StubHub and everyone in my office thought I was trying to get Beyonce/Jay-Z, false. Chvrches excites me way more (how many people have I just offended?). Anyway, I scored the tickets and went to the show Friday night with some other friends and was blown away by how great Chvrches, and more specifically Lauren Mayberry, are live. Lauren is unreal. Her live vocals are identical to what you'd hear on her album. Not to mention she's the cutest person and I think we'd be friends. Current #GirlCrush. If you've never listened to Chvrches - check them out and you'll thank me later.

Ps- Happy Cinco de Mayo! Wish I was eating breakfast nachos and a drinking a margh rather than eating oatmeal and drinking iced coffee right now.