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Day to Night in Vegas

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
#MyVegasStyle from Day to Night
My girlfriends and I were chatting the other night and we realized that none of us have actually been to Vegas. Fast forward a few glasses of wine later and we have a Vegas trip in the works for this Fall. I'm not a big gambler, but when it comes to the pool parties and nightlife that Vegas has to offer, I'm all there. I think one of the best parts about going to Vegas would be planning what to pack. I'd start the day in a bikini (love this, or this if you're more into a fancy one piece), my SUPER sunglasses, and wedges at the Liquid Pool Club. No flat sandals allowed unless you're rocking something awesome like these. After a sun-soaked morning at Liquid, I'd switch it up and put on something like this Tibi outfit I've been lusting over. Perfect for happy hour and apps at Sirio. More drinks in the sun, can't complain!

By nighttime (I'm still going strong - this is Vegas!), I'd switch it into a LBD, sky high heels, an awesome clutch, and some gorgeous jewelry. This would be perfect for a night out at Haze. I literally am finding myself on right now searching for rooms at Aria.

I was asked to participate in #MyVegasStyle along with some other bloggers. No compensation was received - this is 100% what I would pack! Search #MyVegasStyle to check more Day to Night compilations!


  1. we need to be in vegas asap. need all of these clothes too asap.

  2. love this! i've never been either but holls/custer made it look enviable :)

  3. I Want to go to Vegas and I want that black dress!

    Shannon xo