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Trend | Sweats + Heals... What!?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
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First things first, Happy Hump Day! What do you think about these photos above?

This [odd] trend is everywhere. Comfortable, casual, sweats, paired with heels. Would you rock this trend? Personally I'd rather be wearing my converse if I'm wearing yoga pants...but I guess I wouldn't hate going out to dinner and wearing something as comfortable as sweatpants if all I have to do is dress the outfit up with a pair of pumps (ya know I love that filling pasta at dinner #spandex...). I think that most of the street style chicks can get away with it. And I bet a lot of these people could too. But personally I think I'd look way more normal if I kept my yoga pants separate from my heels. Thoughts/opinions on this look?

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  1. almost wore this trend today and thought i couldn't pull it off! kind-of regretting it now! so good!