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Pineapple Express

Monday, April 28, 2014
Pineapple Express

1. Paradise Sweatshirt, $135 2. Phone case, $33  3. Pillows, $30 
 4. Flip flops, $10 4. Tee [white], $26 5. Tee [black], $39 5.Pineapple vase, $60

For the last year+ I've had an obsession with mustaches. Everytime I saw something with a mustache on it - I purchased. Never have I ever been so excited and then so sad when the mustache bedding I found at Home Goods only came in a size for a Twin :(

With all that being said, I think I have a new favorite thing. Pineapples. Why is this? Unclear. But whenever I see something decorated with a pineapple I want it. Things that tug at my heartstrings: mustaches and now pineapples. 


  1. hahah love your pineapple and mustache obsession. that phone case is super cute!

    xo, jen