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Monday, April 7, 2014

Typical my life: photos of juicing and pancakes. It's like I try to be healthy... and then pancakes happen. We brunched at Zoe in LES on Sunday and I hated it. They ran out of syrup. Uhhh excuse me... how do you serve pancakes to someone and then tell them there's no syrup. Like, not okay. They offered to give me "extra lemon curd". That just sounds disgusting. What is lemon curd anyways?

After brunch, I was walking around the East Village and passed a garden store and couldn't resist buying those cute lil cactus plants. They seem hard to kill and also fit perfectly in my mini mason jars. Bringing some life to my apartment! I also don't think they need a lot of sunlight which is ideal. The windows in apartment #4 are lacking...

Also went shopping at Zara on Sunday in hopes of purchasing these shoes. Fail - they are so uncomfortable! I put them on and was immediately like "omg no, ow, ow. Pain" But I did love this dress above. As soon as it's on sale I'm purchasing. 

Happy Monday :)


  1. HAHA I loved this. I'm the exact same way.. I'm normally so healthy, and then this weekend I'm pretty sure I ate an entire pizza all by myself. Ha, what can ya do. And cute cactus plants!! I bought an orchid the other day because they're about the prettiest flower and its already dead. So... maybe a cactus is next for me, too. Oops. Have a wonderful week!

  2. I can't believe they served pancakes without syrup! That's insane.

    Oh no... I bought those same shoes. I tried them on briefly this weekend in my house but have yet to wear them for a decent amount of time (anything over a minute). I'm going to have to break them in before my friends wedding in May!

    xx, jen