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Interiors | Downtown Funky, Fresh

Thursday, March 6, 2014
Confession: I found this coffee table book in the printing room of my office and I keep it at my desk and read it when I get stressed at work. Something about beautiful interiors and pops of color just inspires + relaxes me. That's why we all love Pinterest I guess! Along with flipping through my lil book that sits below my massive stacks of print outs and folders, I also love browsing interior design websites. That's how I found the apartment in these photos. Love love love everything about Lilly Bunn Interiors. Can she please come design my apartment? Her designs are crisp, clean, bright, and fresh. Funky fresh. I'm super into them and totally wish my downtown apartment had this style.

Does anyone else have weird things they do at work when the stress is overwhelming? My co-workers laugh at me but know that silly coffee table book lets my mind briefly step away from the madness on my desktop.