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Countdown to MDW: 2 months!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So news flash: MDW is about 2 months away. 

This is the main reason why I gave up all the sweets in my office for Lent (what I passed on yesterday: pastries in the kitchen, cookies at lunch, cupcakes around 4 pm, co-worker's m&m's...). But along with x-ing out the sweets I'm trying to be better about eating out on the weekends. My job offers enough lunch & dinner outings and therefore I don't need to continue dining out on Sat + Sun. I love going out to dinner and brunch, but I usually feel so lethargic and full afterwards. In addition to these foodie rules, I also try to go to the gym every morning Monday - Thursday and hopefully (maybe?) once on the weekend. Friday is typically my skip the gym day because sometimes I just want to sleep in!

Other things that keep me motivated and staying on fitness/health track: 

> Always eating a healthy breakfast. Every Sunday I buy fresh fruit (raspberries, blueberries, bananas, ya know whatever's on sale at Key Food) and top it on my oatmeal. I buy un-sweetened oatmeal and sweeten it myself with fruit, cinnamon, and sometimes honey. I love Kashi cereal, too. Of course I love an everything bagel with bacon/egg/cheese but I'm not touching that unless I'm dying from a hangover on a Saturday morning. Ya gotta start your a.m. off right and a BEC isn't going to help.

> Reading any of Lauryn's posts on fitness gives me an instant kick in the butt. She's basically all "wtf - why you being so fat today!?" Love it.

> New work out clothes. GapFit is my favorite for affordable + comfortable fitness clothes. In addition, I just bought these Nike's and they are

> Paleo mindset. Okay so I could never live a true Paleo lifestyle, but I find that if I am at a work lunch or in a lunch meeting, having the mindset of "what would a Paleo dieter eat?" always helps me choose the healthiest options.

> Treat yo self sometimes! Obviously, I love to treat myself. I love sweets (hence why I can only give it up in the office and not in "real life") and I realize the more I deprive myself from a craving the worse I binge. So ya know, I'll have that piece of cake but just balance it out later with a green juice.

Would love to hear how you're getting ready for the summer! Also please tell me your favorite songs to work out to or send me your playlists! I'm on Spotify here and SoundCloud here!

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