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Casual Friday [vol. 7]

Friday, March 7, 2014

> It has felt like Friday since Tuesday. So seriously, thank God today is Friday.

> Isn't the bag in the image above the most precious $1,345 little cross body?

> I can totally relate to Molly's post about a lack of inspiration in her life and I loved her Toast Talk about finding it again. Maybe I just need to go back to Paris... 

> After reading this post I decided to give Todoist a try and I love it. It's the best website (and there's an app!) for staying organized. It's a list maker's dream.

> I love Lorde so much but also love Bruce's version of Royals. It sounds so different! Totally has the Bruce touch to it. Into it.

> HELP I AM STILL READING THE GOLDFINCH. How did you finish this!?

> This is the first weekend in what seems like weeks that I have no plans. Loving it. My only "plans" consist of going to the laundromat. Buh-bye until Monday!


  1. I started using Todoist after that post too and I'm obsessed! It's a total life organizer and I love that I can add things via mobile as well.

  2. Such a cute bag! I was thinking about adding Goldfinch to the list for my April it hard to get through??

    xx, Jen