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Weekend | NYC Super Bowl!

Sunday, February 2, 2014
How was everyone's Super Bowl Sunday!? Are you feeling it this morning? We started the day with homemade brunch and mimosas at our apartment. I didn't go out Saturday night so it was great to wake up early and hit the gym, then stop by La Colombe for coffee, and then prep a Sunday morning breakfast. Not feeling hungover from Saturday is really pretty awesome.

Breakfast was: scrambled eggs, bagels with veggie cream cheese, and mimosas. Afterwards we headed into Hoboken and watched the game while also eating more food (I can't say no to buffalo chicken dip, mini meatballs, or Fritos).

 Ps - How cute are Tor's "football chocolate covered strawberries"? I love them.


  1. I can't imagine how NYC was after the Seahawks win - it was crazy enough over here, and I'm in Portland! Psyched that my home state's team finally won after 40 years. Woot!

  2. Your breakfast looks so so delish–come cook for me!

  3. i'm a vegetarian, but buffalo chicken dip is my husband's favorite!
    sounds like a fun weekend!