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Life Lately | Springtime Tease

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
We are in the last week of February! Yay! 

I was feeling so burnt out last week - and really this entire month. Posting anything felt like such a chore and I was needing a break from computer screens! Sometimes you just feel so uninspired and have zero desire to write, ya know? All I wanted to do last week was try to finish my book (nearly impossibly) and read magazines. I'm so cool.

But back to blogging now...and a weekend recap to go along with it. So NYC these past couple days felt like spring! It was like 50 degrees…ha…so warm! On Friday we began our night at Summit Bar where we all ordered a Charmane's Star. This drink has cinnamon infused agave in it - ahhhhmazing. Who knew that vodka, cinnamon, and lime went well together? Well, it does and it's delicious. Next we hopped over to The Wayland and continued with our drink adventures by ordering the bartender's "beer with the works" which is essentially a beer can rimmed with hot sauce and seasoning. Yet again, magical. The fact that I just called a beer + hot sauce concoction magical is beyond me. 

Due to a particularly aggressive Friday night, our Saturday brunch didn't begin until 3 pm. We stumbled into a little spot called Casimir. I love finding new places to go and when you find a place that offers a bottomless brunch for $20 and the menu includes challah french toast, it's a win. Always. So that was my the majority of my weekend. I like to eat and drink. Happy Tuesday :)


  1. YUMMMMM!!! i'm headed to ny later in the year and will definitely be emailing you for recommendations!

    ps: totally relate to how posting can feel like a chore :(

  2. What did you think of Goldfinch? It's on my to-read list but I've heard mixed reviews. By the way, that vodka drink sounds amazing!! Love cinnamon infused anything.

    We also had a huge spring tease this weekend... 65 on Saturday and then a blizzard and 30s Sunday night. awesome.


    1. I still haven't finished it!!! It's taking me FOREVER. I'm hoping the ending is incredible or something great happens because so far it's just bleh!

  3. i want that dessert. glad you're back at itttttttt

  4. Ugh gurl, preach. I was strugglin to get things up on the blog these past few weeks. February is pretty draining, for whatever reason. But we survived! And now I'm feelin' one of those Charmane's Start.