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Casual [Valentine's] Friday [vol. 6]

Friday, February 14, 2014
>  Firstly, Happy Valentine's Day! Plans tonight? I painted my nails pink and am having dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant in my neighborhood: 11B. But that's about it! What are you plans?

> Have you heard of Quora? I just signed up...cause I really need more emails in my inbox.

> Always love Lauryn's fitness pep talks when I'm feeling lazy and/or fat.

> Not that I need more cupcakes in my life, but....I would not be opposed to baking these red velvet cupcakes for that little holiday happening today.

> Wednesday night I saw the movie Her and loved it. MUST SEE. It was so weird, but also thought provoking. Recommend it for sure.

> This felt like the slowest week of 2014. SO relieved to have Monday off.

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  1. these photos are adorable. hoping you had a good (valentines) weekend! mine was pretty casual too. maybe it was all the snow. ;)