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Casual Friday [vol. 5]

Friday, February 7, 2014
> Juice cleanse update: I love juicing. Juicing for lunch is actually very filling and nutritious - and tasty. I wasn't as into it for breakfast because it didn't keep me as full as oatmeal + fruit. But I would seriously recommend investing in a juicer if you want to start really getting in all your veggies. Next up I'm juicing Bloody Mary's for tomorrow's pre-brunch. Basically I use this juicer for 50% health, 50% fun.

> Speaking of brunch - I'm finally trying out Il Bastardo. We have a reservation tomorrow with 50 people to celebrate 3 birthdays, bottomless drinks included! Sooo that's how I'll be spending my Saturday.

Hunters Alley is a fun new site for people to buy/sell home products. There are some really good finds on this... Check it out for a little re-decorating inspo!

> Interesting article on the importance of finding your blog/brand's niche. 

> Olympics and NYFW have officially kicked off! I have a (great) feeling that February is going to fly by. 

image - Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black

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