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Weekend | Sundays in the East Village

Sunday, January 12, 2014
I wish that it would stop raining on my Saturdays! I have such high hopes of being productive every weekend and rains. And I find myself up at Tor's apartment drinking tea, eating ice-cream, and watching The Help. Once it finally did stop raining, we (me + Tor + Sam + Cherilyn) went to a byob dinner at Le Village. Does anyone have good byob recs, specifically in the East Village? Because we had the hardest time finding a place. Loved the food at Le Village though, especially the lava cake.

Today I actually hit the gym (quite a feat for my weekend) and then sat for coffee at Croissanteria. Strolled around my neighborhood, bought a bottle of wine along with cheese and other little apps, and am now sitting quite contently on my couch watching Golden Globes coverage, waiting for Girls to premiere. Hope everyone had great weekend as well :)

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  1. That latte looks AMAZING right now. It's monday and I'm silly tired!